Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Potty Training Mini-Donk Style

As I was outside scooping poop yesterday I came across the idea for an interesting experiment: "Can donkeys train horses (or other equines with less-than-desirable potty habits) to use the bathroom in select spots of the paddock/pasture?"

You see, our miniature donkeys are very particular about where they go potty. They have two spots in the pasture and that is where they relieve themselves. I don't know if this is unique to my two donkeys or if all donkeys are so meticulous. Seeing as donkeys are so smart and dignified (yes, they are!) - I wouldn't be surprised to hear that all have such neat potty habits.

Then there is Kiara. Beautiful, sweet Kiara. You'd think that such a magnificent creature would be so dainty and neat and composed and, well, at least decent about her potty habits! But, alas, she was not...while she was boarded she was a complete slob and drove the poor stable owner crazy with her messy habits. But then she came home...and was put into the pen with two donkeys. The first week or so she kept up with her horrible messy habits. Then one day I noticed she was starting to do like the donkeys and only relieving herself in two spots of the paddock. I can just imagine the "conversation" the donkeys had with her "Girl...you'd better clean yourself up or we're not gonna share our hut with you anymore!"
*Side note* I think Kiara believes she is a donkey...not a full grown, three-times-their-size horse. Whatever they said, it worked - and boy am I thankful! It sure makes poop scooping a lot easier!!

So how about it? Anybody out there have a similar experience with their donkeys and horses?


Stasia said...

Mine do that, too! Only they fight over who gets to be the LAST to "mark the spot!" You can just see them crossing their legs while they try not to be the first one to go - winner gets to go last.


mlanezoo said...

Mine try to be the last to go potty as well. What an odd trait!

Nancy said...

Hi there,
Cool blog!

My gelding liked to use a certain spot, too. I read that male equines often do this-- there's even a name for it, a "stallion pile". It's some sort of "mark your territory" thing. If you don't have any male herd leader the ladies might be vying for leadership?


Aim said...

So funny to read this post! I have a dog that does that very thing...a Belgian Shepherd/Chow mix. I have had mutts my whole life, and a couple of purebred Cockers, but none has ever done that!! He is so fastidious, it cracks me up, but makes going for a walk wonderful as I don't have to carry a bag =)

mlanezoo said...

Hi Aim and Nancy!

Thanks for checking out my blog and leaving your comments! To answer yours, Nancy, I'd assume that you are right...they are vying for dominance since they are all girls. Aim - I have a friend who has a dog like yours...although they still have to carry baggies because the dog will stop and poop in the bag while they hold it! :-)