Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Knitting Band Onto Verity

Ysolda Teague is a knitwear designer who has created several lovely patterns which I have purchased over the past several months. So far I have been successful in re-creating two of her beautiful hat designs - Verity and Rose Red. Being a newbie when it comes to knitting from a pattern, I've had to seek help from time to time - either by going to Ravelry (an online knitting community) or asking my Knitting Queen friend, Dixie Grilley, for help.

It is hard to choose a favorite of the two hats because both are beautiful and fun to knit. However, for me Verity is probably the easiest of the two patterns. After I knit the first Verity, my dear husband said "you should make some of those for our neices for Christmas!" Great idea, honey (can you "hear" the sarcasm?). I was flattered that he thought my hat was beautiful enough to be a gift...so I took the bait - with the stipulation that I shouldn't be expected to have all four done by Christmas. I said four...well, I should have said five - because my lovely daughter said (with her lip stuck out) "I'd like one too!"

So, I've been a veritable Verity machine. I've only got two more to do - so I might make the Christmas deadline after all!!

Over on Ravelry I belong to the "We Love Ysolda" group. There is a discussion forum where people can ask questions about patterns, share their successes, etc. I've asked questions several times - most surprisingly I've been able to help a few people with my Verity knowledge. The first time I knit this pattern I really struggled with trying to visualize how I was supposed to knit on the band. It appears that I'm not the only one who is a "visual learner," as other people have posted questions on Ravelry about the band. Therefore, when I knit my latest version of Verity I decided to take photos of the process. Here they are...with descriptions under each photo:

Photo #1
Hat turned inside out (left) - ball of working yarn, attached to tab (back) - knitted tab (right)

Photo #2
Slip knitted tab from DPN onto left needle

Photo #3
Do the K1, sl1 as if to purl with yarn at front until...

Photo #4
...you get to 2 sts from the end, then k1, and slip one st from the hat and ssk with last stitch on the needle. Then flip your work to do RS row. It'll look like this...
Photo #5
Hat is flipped and you are ready to p1, sl1 as if to purl with yarn at back;
repeating until 2 sts from end, p2.
Photo #6
Here is a photo of p1, sl1 as if to purl with yarn at back (almost to end of row).

Photo #7
Finished with RS row (p1, sl1 as if to purl with yarn at back). Now flip work to do WS row...

Photo #8
And start over again at Photo #3!


Mona said...

I want a hat! Any more lambs?

Sheila said...

This is so helpful, thanks a bunch.