Friday, August 8, 2008

Sheep in a - SUV?!

Hmmmm...think we'll all fit? Will mom notice her car is gone? Who's driving?


Stasia said...

You sure are having fun with that new camera!

How come my sheep aren't as well-trained as yours - mine would go down the road!

mlanezoo said...

I AM having fun with my new camera! It's so nice to finally have one that doesn't have super slow shutter lag.

As to why my sheep don't go down the road...I think there are a number of factors.

First, I spent a lot of time in the pen with them building up their trust...sitting with them, talking to them, giving them scratchies, etc.

Second, we are surrounded by woods and there is a long driveway to get to the they are kinda "hemmed in." Then, when I take them near the driveway I keep myself between them and the direction of the road. I carry a staff at all times - as a guide for them and as protection in case a predator should attack.

Third, I always have my "secret weapon" on hand...a can of grain. A couple of shakes of that can and a "Here, sheep sheep!" and they are on my heels immediately! ;-)