Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Rose Red Hat

I belong to an absolutely wonderful knitting community website called "Ravelry" (http://www.ravelry.com/). On this site you can find many wonderful patterns to knit, yarns for knitting, rovings for spinning, friends to chat with about knitting, etc. It truly is a knitter's paradise!

Recently I discovered a designer on Ravelry whose incredibly beautiful hat patterns have made me want to pick up my knitting needles and crank out some hats for myself. Now this is saying something...because I am not a hat lover! What is even more amazing is that these hat patterns require smaller needles than I typically use (anything lower than a 9 is small, in my opinion). So, I purchased two patterns from this designer - Ysolda - and have been trying my hardest to produce something of quality that I can wear on my head. I have frogged this project at least five times so far, but I am absolutely determined to make this hat! When I finally have it finished I will proudly post it, but until then...here are some photos of a previous version (version number four, I think). The current version is red. After frogging it the fourth time I decided to change yarn. I have no idea why Kirk took these photos of me knitting that night. Perhaps he decided to record my determination?!

*NOTE: Just thought I'd add that this pattern is NOT hard. I am just a novice knitter and have never done a pattern longer than 12 lines. Since I have two children, a live-in father-in-law, and a husband, I tend to get interrupted a lot and lose my place. Add in the fact that I need to learn how to fix my mistakes (gotta take that class at Yellow Dog Knitting!)...and you get a person whose only option is to frog!

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