Saturday, November 22, 2008

Tigger's Big Day!

Ahhh...the day has finally arrived...the day that I'm sure Tigger has been looking forward to for several months now...MOVING DAY! The day he gets to be released back into the pen with the girls so that, um, well - he can do his thing and we can have cute lambies in the spring! Most shepherds have probably rejoined their flock by least those shepherds who have nice warm barns in which their ewes deliver their lambs. However, we do not - so I decided to wait until now so the lambs will be delivered towards the end of April. It seemed like the best option for my little flock - since quite often there is still snow on the ground (or at least a chance for having snow) at the beginning of April in Wisconsin!

Check out Tigger's happy mug as he approaches Cupcake...
looks like he's giving Cuppers a little peck on the cheek, doesn't it?
the typical ram response to "ewe perfume"
chasing poor Bud away from the girls...when all Bud wants to do is grab a bite to eat!
check out the annoyed expression on Bud's face... I guess Moving Day isn't quite as exciting for him!


Lindsay said...

I've always been amazed at how human-like sheep faces can look! Cute update, thanks!

mlanezoo said...

Yes - I agree! Some more than others, though. I think Bud looks like a man with a receding hairline with that spot in his forehead. :-)