Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Snowy Day

It is a snowy day here in Black River Falls. We woke up to several more inches on the ground (in addition to the inch we got on Sunday) - and right now it is a chilly 19 degrees.

Out in the "barnyard" the animals seem to be staying warm. The donkeys spend most of their time in their hut. Either Kiara has decided she doesn't like the hut or the donks won't let her in because she spends most of her time standing in front of the hut with her head down. Of course, this is when they aren't stuffing their faces with hay. I feed all of the animals twice a day - around 7:30 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. The donkeys and horse quickly chomp down all of their hay and then head back to the hut. No mosying around outside for them! The sheep, however, are a different story. They don't seem to be phazed by the cold and snow one bit! See for yourself:
Well, it's silly to think that they would be bothered by the cold - as they each have their very own little wooly coat! It cracks me up how when they get up from ground there will be little dirt patches - absolutely no snow in the spot where they were lying. When I'm feeding them I love to take off my mittens and sink my fingers into their soft, warm wool.

Inside the house it is a different story. We have the pellet stove going 24/7 to keep us warm (it is our main source of heat-cheaper and doesn't dry out the air). Needless to say, the living room is the favorite room in the house during winter, and you can usually find us there when we are home...everyone, including the dogs. Here is a photo of my (currently messy) corner of the couch where I curl up with my ratties and knit. As you can see, Ranger is imploring me to quit taking photos and come back and snuggle! I'll leave you with this photo of the woods behind our house. I just love the tree on the left hand side...its branches look like they are being blown sideways in a strong wind.

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Stasia said...

We got a couple of inches here, too, and it's currently 12... brrrr! The sheep look nice and cozy.