Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!!

I know...I haven't posted much lately. Guess I'm in a slump for things to write about.

We've had touches of warmer weather off and on and when we do I get outside and do some poop scooping - or shall I say poop slinging. There is still too much ice and snow out there for me to get out the wheelbarrow. So, my scooping involves scraping it off the paddock and slinging it over or scooting it under the fence (so at least they aren't standing on as much of the gunk). Honestly, you would not believe how much poo is out there. Layers upon LAYERS of poo. It's like a cake! A really gross cake with levels of ice (not icing) in between. Kirk and I have been talking about how in the spring we'll probably need to rent a Dingo or something like it to scrape out the pens. Ugh. We just don't think I'll be able to do it all by hand.

I did have to separate out the boys from the girls a couple of weeks ago. Tigger was being a bully and chasing around the girls - butting them with his head. They had been getting along peacefully, but I guess he was beginning to get frustrated because they were no longer accepting his romantic advances. I'm hoping that means that the girls are all pregnant and we will start having baby lambies bouncing around in April.

Tigger can be quite a turkey at times, but he really does crack me up. The way he wags his tail when I scratch him behind the ears just makes me smile. He also will sit on his butt in a fashion that makes me think of a fat Buddha statue. I love to see him sitting like that and have tried many times to get a photo of him in that position (perhaps someday I'll be successful!). This morning he really made me chuckle - he had his head buried in the hay manger and I walked by and said "Hey Tig - how's it going Tig man?" He totally ignored me, so I said "TIG! What's up Tig?!?" He lifted his head and gave this deep, rumbling, mouthful-of-hay, "BAAAA!!" Totally surprised me...I did not expect him to answer - just lift his head and look at me! Silly boy!! :)

I hope all of you are having a great V-Day. My day certainly is going well. Kirk woke me up with a large box of Godiva truffles (all of my favorites!!) and Hayley gave me the "Celtic Woman: A New Journey" cd (which I've already listened to twice).
I'll leave you with a romantic photo in honor of Valentine's Day....Tigger "kissing" Cupcake.


Stasia said...

Ooo, you changed the background, pretty!

I always forget you have a ram. How is it, living with him? Does he ever charge you? We keep thinking about getting a ram (for a season, at least), and then change our minds... perhaps yours would like to come for a visit? ;)

Have a wonderful day! Enjoy the sun!

jc said...

The photo is very cute!

Aim said...

You have a sheep named Cupcake?! I love it!!!!