Thursday, April 30, 2009

Kellane Farm's "Laila"

Imagine my surprise when Hayley looks out the back door this morning, walks out, comes back in and says "Mom, Belle had her baby!" I could NOT believe it. The sheep that we call "Baa Baa Belle" - because she is so talkative - is a stealth bomber (dropping the lamb quietly in the night). I'm totally flabbergasted. Fortunately, the little black GIRL (yep, it's all girls for Kellane Farm this year!) was up and nursing and doing well. All I had to do was dip her cord stump in iodine and put her and Belle in the lambing jug. What a nice way to end my first lambing season...which had a rough start.

I tried to find a name that means "quiet beauty" (since Belle means "beauty") for our new little lamb. However, my internet research came up with a name that I think is just as fitting: Laila - which means "dark beauty" or "princess of the night."

Right now I only have one photo of Laila - napping after I put her in the jug. I think that she was worn out from all of the hoo-ha with the other lambs trying to meet and greet her in the big pen. I'll get more photos this afternoon when she is up and about!

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Mona said...

Good news! I have been worried about this last one--and now--al done! That Tigger's (black) genes are REALLY strong, aren't they?
Take care of yourself!