Friday, May 22, 2009

My Three Verities

Hey, that sounds like a funky spin-off of the old t.v. show "My Three Sons" - doesn't it? Well it isn't a new television series (sorry you couch potatoes out there) - it's the three Verity hats that I knitted for my nieces last Christmas. I thought it'd be fun to post a photo of the girls wearing their hats in honor of Ysolda's upcoming visit.
Morganne, Addison, Jordyn

Thank you for the photo, Chance and Lori. The girls are beautiful!!


Dawn Dutton said...

The girls are adorable in their hats. Good job! See you on Thursday at Yellow Dog. Dawn

Aim said...

What a sweet picture! Those hats rock, good job, the girls look beauteous in them =)