Monday, October 19, 2009

Lamb #5 - Laila

Laila's name means "dark beauty" or "princess of the night" (and, yes, I think of the Eric Clapton song every time I say her name). I am an Eric Clapton fan, but that isn't why I gave her the is because of the way in which she was born.

Her mother is Belle - which means beautiful. Belle is my ewe with the big mouth. Okay - I'll be nice....she is talkative. Hence her nickname "Baa Baa Belle." So when she delivered Laila in the middle of the night without uttering a peep I was totally shocked. The other ewes began baaing relentlessly when they went into labor, but not Belle. I didn't know that she had her baby until the next morning when Hayley looked out the window and asked "Mom, did Belle have her baby last night?" When I said "no" she then asked "Well, then why are there three black babies out there now?" That got me off the couch quick (which is where I was sleeping during the two week lambing period). I pulled on my boots and ran out there - only to discover that Laila was up, feeding and doing fine. She had obviously been born hours before because she was very steady on her feet and her tummy was full.

I don't know if it is because of the way in which she was born, but Laila has always been the most independent and confident of the lambs. When she was really little she would come boldly up to me and - if I bent over - start sucking on my hair. It was really cute, but lamb spit doesn't make good hair gel!

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(Laila and Belle)


cowgirljlynn said...

Love the picture of you and Laila!

ConnieW said...

Lovely post! Our girl Mellie gave birth to her little lamb Patty this spring much the same way - we came out and there was this little baaaing baby! She's adorable and quite independent as well.