Monday, October 4, 2010

A Crisp Fall Day

Ahhhh....fall. Crisp, cool days. No pesky bugs (well, there are still a few gnats and skeeters around, but another freeze or two should do them in). This is the best time of the year. I think the sheep agree. They start becoming friskier as the cooler weather kicks in....and will baa throughout the day in hopes that I will come let them out of their pen.
This past Saturday the sheep spent some time in the front paddock enjoying the yummy grass and weeds. Because they are such fat little things I limit their time in the paddock. And on days when they get grass I cut back on their hay. I wonder if they've figured that out yet....?!? Hmmm. Perhaps that is why they munch like crazy while they are out.
Here are some photos:
Keilah with her mouth full of grass
Kip with his mouth full of grass

Lucy has found a bunch of crunchy leaves to snack on

Five of my Sweet Sheep
(the one looking at the camera is Kip - my little cutie pie!)

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