Friday, October 15, 2010

Free Spirit

When I first got the new lambs, all of them would escape when I put them in the front paddock. Being novices to the electric fence/sheep combination (our main sheep pen is composed of wire livestock panels), we made the gaps between the "rails" too large. Therefore, when we put the lambs in that paddock they would either jump between the bottom and middle rail or duck under the lowest one. If their backs or legs touched the rails it didn't even faze them because their wool is a great insulator. However, most of the lambs discovered that if they touched their cute little noses to the wire they would get quite a shock...and have decided to avoid getting close to the fence. That is - everyone except Jasmine (or "Jazzy" as I like to call her). Maybe it's because she is the only lamb without a "K" name. Maybe it's because she hasn't had her cute little nose shocked yet. Or perhaps it is because she is named after the adventurous Disney princess from Aladdin (my daughter Hayley's idea. She is absolutely obsessed with Disney princesses and insisted we name at least one lamb after a princess). Anyway...whatever the reason...Little Miss Jazzy loves to break free of the paddock and go wandering on her own.

Getting ready to make a break for it.
She appears to be grazing, but that is all a ruse.
Where are you going, Jazzy?
Eating the grass on the hill by the driveway...
because everyone knows that grass tastes better!
A disgruntled Jasmine after I chased her back into the paddock.


Michael J. said...

What a bunch of cuties!

Tik said...

She does not look all that disgruntled to me! hehe