Thursday, November 18, 2010

Babydoll Sheep Calendar Contest - Take Two

Today was the deadline for the two winners to email me their mailing addresses. Since neither of them contacted me, this morning I used the random number generator to come up with two new winners.

These winners are:
JaniceR and Squirrel

CONGRATULATIONS!! Please email your mailing addresses to me ( so that I can send the calendars to you.

If I don't hear from either of these winners by November 26, then I will do the drawing yet again!

Kip enjoying a nice fall day


Dawn Dutton said...

awesome.... congrats to the winners!

Aim said...

Squeeeee! Kip looks so huggable!!!!

ConnieW said...

Congrats, new winners :)

Michael J. said...

What a great day to be alive!