Thursday, April 25, 2013

A Little Help from my Friends

Yesterday was beautiful here in Black River Falls. The sun was shining and the weather was in the 50's. It was a perfect day to be outside doing farm chores.

I am still working on getting the ewe pen mucked. At first I was hauling out slop...heavy, wet muck that resembled chocolate pudding (but didn't smell as nice). It didn't help that I couldn't get the wheelbarrow into the pen and had to sling every nasty shovel load over the fence. As the slop hit the wheelbarrow it would splatter me from head to toe. Needless to say, I had to shower and wash my clothes as soon as I was finished! Yesterday the pen had dried out considerably, so it wasn't quite as nasty of a job.

From the time she was a tiny lamb, Maggie has followed me closely around the pen as I work. It is quite endearing, but maneuvering around her squat little body can be a bit difficult. I do not have the heart to shoo her away, though. When she gazes up at me with her liquid brown eyes my heart just melts, and I have to pause throughout my mucking to scratch her chubby chin.

Keilah and Kaia are really shy and timid. They will only approach me if I have cookies. However, Kida, Kirby and Ariel will watch Maggie and follow her lead; coming close to me to get scratchies from time to time. Yesterday they were feeling particularly friendly and hovered about me as I worked. They looked so cute that I had to whip out my cell phone and take some pics.

Aren't I blessed to have such wonderful helpers?

Hey there, about some scratchies?
Ahhh...that feels wonderful!
My wheelbarrow helper, Kida
Ariel wants to know if I need help raking


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