Sunday, September 28, 2008

My Rose Red....Hat?!?

Well, I did it! I finally finished the Rose Red hat that I mentioned in a previous blog. As you can see, it is quite an intricate pattern...although, as I said before, it really is not that difficult. Here are some photos of the hat (beret) from the top
And here is a side view (had to get this shot so that people could see that I did cables!) what's with the funky title of this blog? Why am I hesitant to call it a hat? Well, because it is WAY too big. As I was nearing the 3/4 point of being done I proudly held it up for my family to see. At that time, they asked "Isn't it a little big?" Being totally naive (or in denial), I said "Naw! It's a beret, it's supposed to be big!" Reality struck, however, as I was casting off. I began to have doubts...and thought to myself - "well, perhaps it'll shrink a bit when I block it." For those of you who have knitted lace, you know the flaw in this thought process. Blocking does not shrink a project - it opens up the lacework and makes the piece larger!
So, now I have a very beautiful - um - pillowcase? Steering wheel cover? Any suggestions out there on what I should do? Should I find another use for my creation or attempt to shrink it in my dryer?
Oh, and for the, I didn't do a gauge for those of you who are are "Gauge Swatch Nazis" - here's one for your book!


Dixie said...

Wow! You go girl!! Simple solution. . . if you have enough yarn left you can pick up and knit a band around the bottom. Figure out your gauge in whatever stitch you want to do (probably garter?) Measure head and subtract an inch. Let's say you get 5 sts/inch in garter and your head minus one inch is 20". You would pick up 100 stitchs (5 x 20) and knit the band as wide as you wish. Bind off on a needle 1-2 sizes larger to insure a nice elastic bind off.

Yellow Dog

mlanezoo said...

Thanks, Dixie! Perhaps I'll give that a try...

Tik said...

Well, I'm glad to see that I'm not the only one who learns to knit a gauge swatch the HARD way...but, nevertheless it is a beautiful design! ...and the band idea might redeem this project!