Friday, October 3, 2008

Another Sign of Fall

Toilet papering. Another harbinger of fall. A little prank that the local teenage boys love to do to our house. Why our house? Because we have a beautiful 16 year old girl...that's why. Call me a party pooper, but I don't enjoy being "T.P.d" Seems like a waste of resources to me - and I question whether or not it is good for the environment. I definitely know that my animals don't like it. The boys draped several trees too close to the horse/donkey pen with the fluttery white stuff and it literally scared the poo out of the poor girls. I had quite a mess to clean up the next morning. I've made it clear that the boys should NOT get so close to the pens anymore - and if they do they just might get what I clean up dumped on their lawns the next day!
Oh - and these photos don't do the damage justice - because we'd already taken down some of the TP before I thought to take pictures!

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Lindsay said...

:-( wasting trees to "decorate" trees... so ironic and sad.