Thursday, September 3, 2009

Name a Chicken Contest!

Our chickens are due to arrive any moment. As I PATIENTLY await their arrival, I came up with a fun have a contest for my readers to name one of the chickens. Why just one? Because I told the family that since we are getting four chickens, then each of us gets to name one chicken. The lucky winner will get to name MY chicken! :)

I haven't decided what the prize will be yet...other than the winner will have a chicken with their name. However, the first 20 people who participate will get a little gift for entering (but you'll have to send your address to


Tracye said...

You have to name one either Tex or Dallas for all the great family you have here! :-)

kathytypestoo said...

Mrs. Featherbottom? an homage to arrested development.

Nannette said...

Congrats on your new brood! I don't think you want my help naming your chickens, we've decided ours will be Bis, Tris and Tetrakis (names taken from chemical nomenclature ... yeah, maybe a little geeky here in this house.)

Looking forward to hearing all the chosen names!

sarah.trimble said...

...Thought I'd try to think of something clever, but my no-coffee 5-am-brain is insisting "Moo", lol!

heather said...

heathers-keaka means God's grace. Hawaiian
Narrative: Between 1860 and 1967, citizens of Hawaii were required to give their children Christian names. Because the sound system of the Hawaiian language does not correspond to that of English, ''Hawaiianized'' versions of the names evolved.

Among those who revere the mystical naming practices native to Hawaii, these names are not properly Hawaiian at all. However, they have remained in use for over 150 years. Set beside the English names from which they developed, and the ancient Hawaiian names that are now enjoying a revival, they serve as a reminder of Hawaii's continuing effort to preserve its unique identity.

Anonymous said...