Saturday, September 26, 2009

The Naming of the Chickens

I think the Chicken Naming Contest was a lot of fun. We had 26 name suggestions...all of which were quite interesting! In order to make the choosing of the name as fair as possible, I assigned numbers to the names and plugged them into a Random Number Generator. I did this three times - to narrow the "field" down to three names. I then had my son, Evan, give me three numbers between one and 20. I assigned these numbers to the three names and then did the RNG until it hit the number of one of the names.
As a result, Katie K. of Kentucky (wow - say that three times really fast!) is the lucky winner with her entry of "Esta."
Below are photos of the girls that I took this afternoon. They are such fun to watch as they scratch and peck in their run. When I opened the door to try to get a better shot, they kept trying to sneak past me - so I think the day of letting them run free (with my supervision) isn't too far off!
Michelle's chicken - "Esta"
Kirk's chicken - "Uno"Evan's chicken - "Tulip"
Hayley's chicken - "Aurora"

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