Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Lamb #4 - Paloma

Well, after a long hiatus during which I was sidetracked by the arrival of the chickens, I've finally decided to get back to the lamb update.

The next lamb on the list is Paloma ("Polly"). Polly was the lamb that I helped to deliver. Dove appeared to be struggling with her labor so I had called the vet, but the vet did not arrive in time. As I was watching Dove, one hoof and a nose appeared...and then it became quite obvious that she couldn't get the lamb any further because the lamb's other leg was too far back. So, I sprung into action - pushing the nose back and pulling the other hoof into place (fortunately it wasn't too far back and was easy for me to reach). I then held on to the lamb's hooves and pulled gently as Dove delivered her the rest of the way. It was quite a feat for Dove because Polly was HUGE! I couldn't believe it when I saw this gigantic black lamb - coming from my smallest ewe!!

Paloma is the Spanish word for "dove." She isn't small or white like a dove, but she sure is beautiful and gentle like one. I just love this lamb...even though she is very timid and for the longest time would act like I'm going to eat her every time I entered the pen. After many months of sneaking up to pet her on the butt while she's eating, Polly has finally decided that I am okay and won't run in terror at the sight of me.
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