Friday, February 12, 2010

Snowy Sheep

Even during the winter I can't resist spending time with my girls (although it is a very brief visit when it is too chilly). Here are some photos of them that I took recently. Unfortunately, it is impossible to scoop poop in the snow - so please excuse the messy pen.

Cute snowy woolly faced Ella

Dove having a snow snack

You look ridiculous Dove!

This shot kind of gives an idea of how much snow is on the ground
Notice the girls huddled by the gate?
They want me to come let them out - hoping there is grass somewhere else for them to eat.
Sorry girls...gotta wait for SPRING!


Dawn Dutton said...

Adorable post! They are soooo cute....

Denise said...

Dove, with her "snow kiss" lips, is adorable!