Monday, January 25, 2010

My Obsession

I learned how to knit from a dear friend about five years ago. At first I spent countless hours cranking out garter stitch scarves (for you non-knitting folk - garter stitch is when you just purl or other fancy stitches are involved). When I got bored with making scarves, I stepped up to making chunky mittens. Then, when I was tired of making mittens, I did something I said I'd NEVER do...I decided to try knitting lace. Once I tried it - and finally figured it out - I was hooked and my passion for knitting turned into an obsession!

My very first lace project was a hat. Not exactly an easy project for a beginner to the technique, but I was in love with the hat pattern and plunged ahead. I spent many hours knitting, ripping out my mistakes, knitting, ripping out my mistakes, etc....until I finally finished the hat. The end product was quite beautiful. However, my gorgeous Rose Red hat would only have fit a giant! That is when I learned the importance of "gauge" (yet another knitting term...which basically means that you need to have the correct size needle and weight of yarn for the project).

Another thing which I have done over the past year (which has helped my knitting skills tremendously) is called "test knitting." This is when a person knits a pattern that a knitwear designer has created, but hasn't yet released to the public. The job of the test knitter is: to knit the project; see whether or not the instructions are clear; find mistakes in the pattern; and give the designer feedback as to whether or not the pattern is enjoyable to knit.

Has all of this talk of my projects piqued your interest in seeing some finished projects? If so, here are some photos (modeled by my beautiful daughter, Hayley):

Aestlight Shawl
designed by Gudrun Johnston

Shiver Hat

test knit for Fiddle Knits Designs

Hermione Hat

by Christy Aylesworth

Bandit Hat

test knit for Christa Giles


Dawn Dutton said...

Lovely Post... Hayley is a beauty....
I am now motivated to go and pick up my needles.. thanks, Dawn

cowgirljlynn said...

Love the shawl! What a beautiful daughter you have! Maybe I will get some of my knitting projects finished.