Thursday, May 6, 2010

Another Bittersweet Occasion

Well, Kellane Farm has been a little bit quieter the past few weeks. Why? Because Rita and Sweet Pea are in a new home. As much as I loved my little donkeys (Rita was my favorite of the two), I came to realize that I really needed the space if I'm going to breed sheep. So, I started asking around...trying to find them a suitable home. I wasn't going to sell them to just anyone - so I prayed and patiently waited for the right opportunity. My prayers were answered. I found someone with two little girls who wanted them for a 4H project. Now my donkey girls are in a home where they are lavished with attention. Yay! Bittersweet for sure, but a "win-win" situation for everyone!

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Dawn Dutton said...

Oh Michelle, I am so happy that you found a good home for your donkeys. It is so hard to see animals go that you have loved and taken care of. But sounds like everyone is happy with this deal.. yeah for you... The Lord answers prayers..... I will remember to thank him for such a great solution. Blessings, Dawn