Monday, June 14, 2010


This past weekend (June 11-13) I drove to Kansas to pick up FIVE new additions for Kellane Farm. These cutie pies came from two separate farms (as noted below), but thanks to Kay Applebee's generosity, I only had one stop to make...and that was at Diane Spisak's farm in Wellsville, Kansas. Lambs with names written in pink are girls, those with blue are boys (the darker blue is a ram and the lighter blue is a wether - which is a neutered male).

Dorcas Fields Farm

Dorcas Fields Farm
Dorcas Fields Farm

codon tested RR ram

I am so thrilled to have the addition of these high quality sheep to my flock. As a result, we will have some wonderful lambs for sale in the coming years!!


Tik said...

YAY! Good choices for the lambs! Looking forward to seeing them grow...and hope that Mr. Keenan decides to stop being pushy! :)

Julie said...

Oh, they are too sweet! We only have two right now but look forward to making room for more.