Sunday, July 18, 2010

Kip Visits the House

A couple of days ago while I was spending time with the lambs, I walked over to Kip and picked him up. He didn't struggle at all, so I decided that he and I should pay a visit to the kids (who were in the house). We "knocked" on the back door and when they opened it, we went inside. During this whole time, Kip did not struggle or kick. He stayed totally limp in my arms. I squatted down on the mat after a while because he was getting heavy (although he is the smallest and lightest of the lambs) and he just sat there on his butt. Hayley was talking to him and scratching his ears and he sat there with a contented look on his face. When she stood up to get the camera he let out a "baa." Actually - every time she stepped back after scratching him he would baa (see photo below).
Kirk thinks Kip looks like a stuffed toy in this photo
Kip giving me a "kiss"
(sorry for the blurry photo,
but I couldn't resist putting it up since it is so cute!)
" Hey, girl - where are you going? Get back here and scratch my ears!!"


Michael J. said...

Ttoo cute!

Tik said...

Kip is still one of my favorites! SO CUTE!