Saturday, July 17, 2010

New Lamb Update

As you all know by now, we added five new lambs to the flock in June. Over the past month they have become acclimated to their new surroundings and are slowly beginning to trust their new shepherdess. I have spent a lot of time hanging out in their pen. This, combined with treats (hay chaff), has helped to gain that trust.

About a week after their arrival, I decided to create a separate pen within the main pen for Mr. Keegan - the ram (he can still see and touch noses with the other sheep...they are only separated by wire panels). Keegan was a little too bold for his own good (his name means "little" and "fiery" after all) - coming up and challenging me each time I entered the pen. This is a definite "no-no" because rams should respect people. In order to instill respect of humans in a ram, you have to be firm and not treat it as a pet. They may be cute as a lamb, but as they get older, bigger, and stronger, it is no fun to have to fear for a broken leg each time you enter their pen. By separating Keegan from the rest of the sheep it is easier for me to control the situation. I have been able to teach him to respect me when I enter his pen - and I can handle the other lambs and hand feed them without having to worry about his getting in the way.
In the fall Keegan will be put in a separate pen with the four older ewes. Hopefully they will "get along" so that we will have cute little lambs in the spring! :)
I'll leave you with a few pics of the babies:

Kirby & Keilah


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