Saturday, December 4, 2010


This morning we awoke to a fresh blanket of snow. The forecast said we were only going to receive two to three inches, but they were least for our neck of the woods. As you can see, we got at least four inches (in some spots it was as much as six inches)!

As if my lambs aren't cute enough, they are especially adorable with their extra woolly coats. They are amazed by all of the white stuff and it is cute to watch them "four-wheeling" through the snow.
Pine bough with snowy caps
Cute little butterball Keilah
Miss Kirby - wondering what I'm doing with the cameraMr. Kip couldn't be distracted from the hay Shelter from the storm!

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Dawn Dutton said...

It was a great way to wake up. I was outside doing my chores and enjoyed the newly fallen snow. Beautiful photos thanks for sharing them with us.