Wednesday, January 5, 2011

wool GLORIOUS wool!!!


Kellane Farm LLC finally has wool for sale.

100% Babydoll Southdown wool. Soft, bouncy, squishy, glorious wool! Some of you may not find this too exciting. However, since one of the goals of our farm is to create high quality wool for handspinners, we find it very exciting to have our very first batch of wool to sell.

Babydoll Southdown wool is a handspinners dream. It has a lovely texture and is very easy to spin. The yarn that it creates can be used to make socks, hats, mittens, sweaters...any type of knitting project. Some people say that the micron count is similar to cashmere (while this is essentially true, it varies from sheep to sheep). As a result, most people can wear items made from Babydoll yarn next to the skin without any irritation.

We have brown and white roving and are selling it for $3.00 per ounce. There is a limited amount of brown, so if that is what you want then you should get it now before it is all gone!

The wool packaging station
(my dining room table!)

Lovely milk-chocolate heathered with white flecks

Limited amounts of brown!

Chocolate and Vanilla....yummmm!!!

Kip thanks you for buying our lovely creamy white wool!!

This photo really shows the "fluffiness" and "squishyness" of this wool!!

You can purchase this lovely roving via the Paypal button at the top of this blog or by emailing

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