Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Naming Poll

In my previous post, I mentioned two black sheep that will be joining our flock soon. This means that we get to play the name game again...something my daughter, Hayley, and I really enjoy. I will probably succumb to Hayley's request and name the girl after a Disney princess (I have included this name in the choices - although I must admit that I had to google it to see what movie it came from). However, I still want to get opinions from other people. On the sidebar I have included two separate polls: one for the ram and one for the ewe. Please choose your favorite from each group. Thanks!!

To help with your decision, here are the names with their meanings and origins:


Karsten: "Follower of Christ" (Latin)
Kade: "gentle; lumpy; round" (English)
Kona: "World Rule" (Gaelic)
Keoni: " God is Gracious" (Hawaiian)


Kaia: "Pure" (Greek)
Katania: "little; small" (Hebrew)
Kyrie: "Lord" (Latin)
Kida: "Raising the Darkness" (Kiowa Indian)


Lael said...

I love Kade! Defines sheep wonderfully "gentle, lumpy, round" - well, hopefully not too lumpy! And I've always been partial to American Indian names - yes, I did vote. They're very cute (the lambs)!

Michelle said...

That was fun!

Michael J. said...

I like them all!