Friday, March 11, 2011

The Prisoner

Not once....not twice...but at least FIVE times now, little Miss Kirby has managed to get herself stuck in the feeder. At first I just couldn't figure out how she managed this feat. However, one morning as I watched her eating I noticed that she would put her front feet inside the tub. Sometimes the sheep will put their feet on the side of the feeder and bend over into the tub. Not Kirby. She puts her entire front end into the feeder. This isn't difficult for her to do because she has a skinny neck and shoulders. I've never actually witnessed her climbing into the feeder, but I imagine that she does it by stretching out her back legs (trying to get to every last morsel of hay) and then stepping them in one at a time. Once she is inside the feeder she is unable to stretch out her body enough to get back out. She can get her front feet out, but her fat little bottom gets stuck. It's actually quite humorous. Thankfully, the pens are close to the house and throughout the day I am able to look out the windows and check on the sheep. That is how I discover our "prisoner" and come to the rescue. The first couple of times it really freaked her out, but now she is used to it and we will find her just lying there contentedly chewing her cud. I kept forgetting to get pictures until Evan reminded me today. He has had to lift Kirby out for me the last two times since I'm on medical restrictions.
You there! Stop taking photos and come get me out of this thing!!
Mwahaha....I've got you now my pretty!

How undignified!!

Okay, can let me go now!!

Psst....keep it up...maybe next time she'll bring us treats!!


Dawn Dutton said...

Michelle, how adorable. Your sheep are so cute. The other day when I was out I stopped in back to see them. They are so sweet. I will bring Kort out one day to visit. She will fall in love.thanks again for the yarn. I have made three hats with it so far. Much appreciated!

Michelle said...

Awwww, I want one! You have the cutest sheep!

Michael J. said...

You guys just bring the biggest grins...please keep it up 'cuz we sure need them.