Wednesday, March 23, 2011


I went to bed last night to the sound of a thunderstorm. Big fat raindrops, thunder and lightening. It felt like spring! However, this morning I awoke to a different world....a winter wonderland!! As anyone who reads this blog knows - I LOVE SNOW - so I am not at all complaining....and neither are the sheep. They were in high spirits this morning. As I approached with their food, they all started running around and making little leaps into the air (known as pronging or popcorning). Even Lucy - my big huge hippo girl - gave a little leap. I couldn't believe my eyes as I didn't think it was possible for her to get all that weight off of the ground! Food always excites the sheep, but not to this extent. I think they're all just happy for the snow. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to catch all of the excitement. I don't usually carry a camera with me, but I probably should because of times like this morning.

Soon spring will be here in full force. Lots of rain and mud. I like rain, but the mud I can do without...and I think that my sheep agree. Until then, my sheep and I will enjoy as many more snowy Wisconsin days that God gives us!!
The view from our front yard towards the left side of the house
Our house with brand new windows and doors.
Hopefully we will have new siding put on this year.
Ranger was also feeling frisky

I just HAD to include this photo showing our totally UNdignified ram.
He crams his front end into the feeder as far as it can go and spreads his back legs out like this. Totally ridiculous - eh?

Kirby, Kip and Keilah chewing their cud contentedly as it snows


Dawn Dutton said...

The snow and ice this morning was a surprise! I'm so racy for spring. Hope your feeling good. You've been in my prayers dear one. Have a great day. Dawn

Michael J. said...

17 inches of wet heavy snow left me longing for Spring, mud and all.