Thursday, September 1, 2011

Summer 2011 - UGH!!!!

Well, it's September 1 (the first day of school here in Wisconsin) and it is supposed to be in the 90's today.  Which leads me to the question: is summer ever going to end?  The forecast says that it should cool off this weekend - with highs in the 70's.  Hopefully that is true.  As most of you know, I absolutely hate summer and this one has been a doozy.  WAY too hot and humid....and the bugs have been horrible.  The poor sheep didn't get sheared until much later than usual and as a result the bugs had a field day on their exposed tender skin.  I think that they are just as eager as I am to see the end of summer!

The end of July brought another bittersweet day here at Kellane Farm.  On July 29, three of my sheep went to their new home with Lorrie Gering. The Gering Family have a blueberry orchard in Mosinee, Wisconsin.  Chessa, Kip and Lucy are going to be organic mowers, weedeaters and fertilizers for their orchard.  Sounds like an excellent life for a sheep!!

Lorrie used her minivan to transport the sheep to their new home.  She removed the back row of seats, put down a tarp, and covered that with a layer of straw.  There was just enough room for all three sheep to fit comfortably - even with the big Lucy girl!  We put the two smaller sheep in first (Kip and Chessa) and then Lucy.  The first time Lucy managed to jump right back out, but I quickly caught her with some grain and we got her back in (slamming the van hatch as quickly as possible so as to prevent another escape!). 

Evidently the ride home went as smoothly as possible.  No scrambling sheep.  No loud baaing.  Lorrie said that they were even so considerate as to not make much of a mess.  :)

Here are some photos that Lorrie has allowed me to share:

"Hey - I wanna ride up front!"
Lucy in the back of the van
Chessa during her van ride
Chessa, Kip and Lucy at their new home
mmmmmm......delicious grass!!
One of Lorrie's daughters with Chessa
A new friend!!

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Michael J. said...

Good to see you're back...too long without news from the farm!