Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Almost Time for Lambs!

Well, spring is almost here...although with the winter we have had it seems like it has been spring for the past several months. Springtime here at Kellane Farm means several things.

First and foremost - LAMBS! Hopefully five of our ewes are pregnant. As I mentioned in a previous post, there has been quite the demand for black wool so we purchased a black ewe and ram from Jody Fuller last spring. We turned Maggie and Kaia (the two black ewes) out with Kade (the black ram). The three white ewes - Nera, Keilah and Kirby - were turned out with Keegan (our older white ram). Nera and Keilah most definitely look pregnant. Both of these girls come from bloodlines with twins and triplets in them, so I wouldn't be surprised if they have twins. If they do, I hope that they are good mommies because both of them are first timers (maidens).

The second thing spring means for Kellane farm is MUD and MUCK. Over the winter the hay and poo builds up, so it is quite messy out there come spring when the ground starts thawing. The sheep don't like the muck any more than I do. Like their shepherdess, they are happiest in the winter!

I'll leave you with a few pics that I took this past weekend. It was actually snowing...something that didn't happen often this winter. I think it's because Kirk and I finally bought snowshoes!

"Do you have any treats mom?"
Your eyes aren't deceiving you...part of Maggie's right ear is missing. 
Her tag got caught in the feeder and when she tried to free herself it tore off half of her ear!!
Kaia and Kida come running to see if I have any treats

My sweet, beautiful (yet dirty) butterball - Kida
Nice hay wig Miss Kirby!

She doesn't have any treats so we might as well eat our hay...

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