Wednesday, April 11, 2012

First Lamb of 2012

I had a surprise this morning when I was doing morning chores....a sturdy little black ram lamb.  The feeding routine is such:  the rams get fed first, then Keilah (who is in a small pen inside the ram pen - I had to separate her from the other ewes because she kept picking on Maggie), then the large group of ewes and finally the chickens.  As I was tossing Keilah's hay over the fence, I turned to check her and say "good morning.  That's when I noticed that she had a little shadow!  He was probably born around 5 a.m. because he was steady on his feet and completely dry.  Keilah had already passed the afterbirth and the lamb was already nursing.  This is especially amazing since Keilah is a first time mom and somewhat of a pea brain (very flighty).  She will definitely be a ewe worth keeping!

For those of you on the waiting list for lambs:  the Gering Family (who bought Chessa in 2011) have first dibs on this little guy.  If they do not purchase him, then I will move down the list. 

Here is the little cutie pie.
Proud mom and her first baby.

Already so steady on his feet that he is trying to climb on the tree stump!

His eye kinda looks blue in this pic, but it's just a reflection.

I think Keilah is pretty proud of her little guy

Half brother, Shaun, checking out the newcomer...and eating some of Keilah's hay.

Ya get kinda dirty when you nap under the hay feeder!

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TDawn Maddox said...

Aaaaw! He's adorable!