Thursday, June 21, 2012

Day One in the Big Pen

Well, I'm FINALLY back after a much too long hiatus!  My daughter was married on June 9 and not only was I mother-of-the-bride, but I was also blessed to be the maid-of-honor.  Therefore, I found myself swamped with things to do the months leading up to the wedding.  Now that the wedding is over, I've been busy trying to catch-up on things. 

Below are some photos that I took of the lambs on the first day that they were moved from the jugs along with their mamas and put into the big pen with the other sheep.  I've always found flock dynamics interesting....especially so when lambs are put into the midst.  Some of the ewes that have never lambed will run from the little ones in terror.  Others will charge and butt the lambs.  This year, both of my moms were very protective of their babies.  They constantly put themselves between the lamb and other sheep or humans.  With curious lambs roaming a larger pen it certainly kept the mamas on their toes! 

hmm....this looks like a good place for a nap!

Pausing for a baby/mama nuzzle

ooooooh....what's that over there?!?


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Lael said...

Congrats on the wedding. My mom was my matron of honor when we got married - makes for a very special day.