Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Lamb Adventures

Well, I'm still trying to catch up on things that were put off for the wedding.  Slowly, but surely they are getting done.  Today's blog post is one of them!  These photos were taken the third day that the 2012 lambs were put into the big pen.  Things had settled down and everyone was getting along for the most part.  As I look back at the photos it really surprises me how fast the lambs grow - sometimes in quick bursts.  Human children can grow overnight, so I guess I shouldn't be surprised that lambs do as well!

hmmmm...this looks pretty yummy... don't have to be so pushy, lady!

you aren't going to try to push me around too, are you?

maybe you are okay...I guess I'll hang out with you...

...let's go see what this scary thing is over here!

What IS it mom?!?

Isn't this guy beautiful?  Such straight legs!!

*sniff* - what is this?  Can I chew on it?

got an itch...right there...oomph!

Say Cheese!!!