Friday, October 19, 2012

Ebony and Ivory


This past spring I was blessed with two lambs: a black ram and a white ewe.  Both of them were incredibly beautiful and I ended up keeping them both.  The black one actually sold and I bought him back.  I'll tell his story in a future post.  Today, however, I'm posting pictures of these lambs that were taken in May - when they were about a month old.  These lambs were best of buds and did everything together.  Every time I saw them they were side by side...and every time the song "Ebony and Ivory" started running a loop through my head. 
When it came time to remove the ram lamb from the ewe pen it was hard.  I hated to separate the two companions.  They did seem to really miss each other too.  The mom didn't care that the ram lamb was gone and acted like nothing ever happened.  However, the little white ewe lamb definitely missed her buddy and called to him frequently throughout the day. 
Here are the two buddies.  Notice how their body positions are so similar in most of these photos.  Quite humorous!


Astrid, said...

They both are so beautyful. And I know the problem dividing twins. It´s hard.

Michael J. said...

What a couple of cutie pies! good to hear from you again!