Saturday, June 4, 2011


I am happy to say that Ella's lamb already has a wonderful home awaiting her when she is old enough to be weaned.  This sweet little cherub of a lamb will be a new member of the Gering family.  They have christened her with the name Chessa - which means "at peace."  I think that it is a perfect name for this lamb, as she has a very calm, laid-back personality. 

Kip will be joining little Chessa since I no longer need him as a companion for my white ram.  While I hate to see Kip leave, I have to be practical and realize that we only have so much space here at Kellane Farm.  Therefore, we really should only keep sheep that are a vital to our breeding program. 

Below are some photos from Chessa's first day out of the jug.  She decided that the flower bed at the front of the house looked like a good place to play, so that is where she headed first.  Unfortunately, however, her mother followed....and started munching on my daylilies.  Needless to say, they were quickly evicted from the garden.  
Leaping out of the flower bed's hard to climb's a jungle in there...
why does that crazy lady always follow
me around with the strange silver thingy?
all of this play time has worn me out...time for a nap! 
(half-sister Kida in back)
Are you still there?  Why don't you go
point that thing at someone else for a while?

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TDawn Maddox said...

awe, she's like a little bouncing bean!