Monday, June 6, 2011

What's For Dinner???


Well, not really.  It's just that we have another "feeder hopper" and I managed to catch her in action. Itsy bitsy Chessa loves to jump into the middle of the feeder while everyone is eating....much to the other sheep's disgust.  I can just see the annoyed looks on their faces as she hops around in the middle of their dinner. 

The other night I realized that I hadn't brought out enough hay and had gone back to the shed to get more.  When I got back, Chessa was smack dab in the middle of the feeder.  That's the first time I'd seen her in there.  She is such a tiny little thing that it surprised me...I didn't think she could leap so high.  I picked her up, gave her smoochies, and told her not to do it again.  However, I had barely set her back down and turned to go when she leaped back up again.  She looked like a little goat!  I just chuckled and headed back to the house - hoping that I'd be able to get photos of it the next night.  Of course, she didn't let me down and I got some photos for ya'll to see:
Pretending to eat like the "big kids" and adults
Hey everyone...look at me!  I'm Queen of the Mountain!!!
See the look of disgust on Lucy's face?
(she's the ewe on the left)
YAY!  That was fun!! 
Doesn't everyone need dinner AND a show?!?


yellowdogknitting said...

That's so cute it's painful. I had a customer in the other day raving about your roving.

mlanezoo said...

Thanks, Dix! I'm glad to hear that people are enjoying the wool!! :)